The Retired Tractor

photo by Emiel Molenaar

The sweet smell of freshly cut grass was abruptly interrupted by the stinging scent of diesel still lingering around the old red tractor.

Many years it had kept the sea of green in order, but recently its blades had begun to dull with age.

“Couldn’t have asked for a better day,” the tractor had thought as it coughed and sputtered to its final rest amidst the sweet summer smell of its freshly cut field.

Some words for 3 Line Tales



  1. erhynireh · July 14, 2016

    Wonderful tale. So brief and yet tells it all.😁


  2. Lynn Love · July 14, 2016

    What a sweet way to give the tracto personality – you can feel it’s gears grinding to a halt, wheezing and sluggish. Nice write 🙂


  3. creatingahome · July 14, 2016

    I like the POV used.


  4. jenimcmillan · July 15, 2016

    Fabulous story, Nick 🙂


  5. bikurgurl · July 15, 2016

    Love you used the POV of the tractor and not the humans around it — especially finding it’s words at the end.


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  7. dunelight · July 17, 2016

    I love the smell of new mown hay. First cutting is always a surprise to me, such a short while before we were scraping frost off the windshield.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Nick Anthony · July 21, 2016

      It’s one of those smells that never falls to put me in a melancholy mood. I love it!

      Liked by 1 person

  8. nonnaci · July 17, 2016

    Indeed, the best way to go is whilst doing something you love.


  9. athling2001 · August 11, 2016

    Great Job! Thanks for the visit and the follow.

    Liked by 1 person

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