About Rafiki’s Nikki

For those of you that don’t study Japanese, ‘nikki’ (日記) translates to ‘diary’ or ‘journal’. As such, this is the journal of Rafiki. Unfortunately, (if you haven’t figured it out) I’m not actually the hyena-ass-kicking baboon from ‘The Lion King’. 

In reality, I’m a US international living in the Kansai region of Japan who happens to love the character, Rafiki. I believe that Rafiki is someone with much greater value than the crazy guru figure that helps Simba; he is a reminder that the accumulation of knowledge and wisdom should not be inversely related to adolescent wonder and joy–with ample sprinkling of silliness. I strive to live my life according to this (For a crazy-in-depth explanation click here). You might call me an aspiring writer, though I really don’t see myself as such (I’ll let you decide).

This blog serves as a place for me to share my experiences and thoughts in pursuit of a peaceful and joyous life. Here you will find travel logs, journal entries, poems, short stories, random thoughts etc… anything that I feel is worth writing will be up for your reading pleasure. Some of the writings will be of current events and thoughts in my life, others will be from my past. I cannot promise that every entry will be a masterpiece (in fact I guarantee they won’t be), and I can’t say every post will be a pleasurable and/or light read, but I can say that this will be a place of honest (if occasionally blunt) expression.

So if traveling, hiking, camping, drinking, or thinking interests you, perhaps you’ve found your place. Feel free to comment, critique, and question my work and life—as long as it is with good intention. Come with me as I climb Mt. Fuji, ski in Nagano, drink by the river in Kyoto, swim in the Sea of Japan, and hopefully venture through the rest of Asia.