One Ship

I cast my vote for Ms. Clinton:
A lighthouse guiding our distant ship,
Upon which Captain Lincoln once stood,
Away from the battering of turbulent tides
And decades of battling abroad and aboard,
To safety within the harbor.

I marked my ballot against Mr. Trump:
A mutinous shipmate privileged upon the lookout,
Using fear and lies to conceal the harbor light
From the down-trodden, somber eyes
Of the working class crew below deck

But most importantly I sent my hope to America,
A diverse and estranged extended fraternity
Living under a ship deck doused in oil
Tirelessly we toil to better our vessel,
Yet constantly we fight one another
With swords made from matches.

Though the future of our voyage is uncertain,
A new captain has taken the helm.
We may not have agreed who was to succeed,
But we are in this Great Experiment together.
We are part of the ship just as the captain is.
We will either sail on to clear waters or sink,
But whatever happens this ship is all we’ve got.


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