Pulsing Hope

Weeks entrapped in the doldrums of Poseidon’s purgatory had sapped the men of their salt and vigor, leaving them to wander the deck; aimless, emaciated, and sunburned.

Far off in the distance, a single light flickered in the night sky like a lonely pulsar emitting heavenly rays of safe-haven as it spun through a vacant corridor of vacuous space.

The very wood of our vessel seemed to come alive as the bell rang triumphant from the crow’s nest, proclaiming our good fortune in rhythm with the lighthouse pulsar as we came about—hope filling our sails.

Thanks to Sonya at Three Line Tales for this prompt! Lighthouses have always captured my imagination. I’ve written songs, poems, and stories about them. If you’d like to read some, click the links and take a dive! Also, don’t forget to like and comment!


9 thoughts on “Pulsing Hope

  1. Ooh, you told this story absolutely beautifully and the imagery in this was simply outstanding. I could tell even that before I the note you made about it at the bottom. Good job with the prompt man! Fingers crossed I’ll do the same 🙂

    Thanks again,

    – Ainsworth, Xx

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