It’s Time to Change Trains

It’s gonna be depressing to watch America’s sigh of relief and misguided sense of accomplishment if Hillary defeats Trump.  It’s an important fact that we (unfortunately) chose—from an entire nation of potential—these two candidates to champion our causes and guide America’s future. And this is what many people are forgetting: That our candidates are elected representatives of the popular opinion for their entire party (roughly half of the country).

If Hillary is elected, that doesn’t just eliminate the millions of Americans that have bought into Trump’s ideology, hook, line and sinker—If that were the case, Obamacare would be a corner-stone of the American Dream, LGBT rights wouldn’t even be an issue, and we would be much further along the path to a greener world than we are now. Alas, that’s not the case. A house divided will remain divided as long as those living in it choose to be so; an individual chosen from one side of the aisle cannot unite it.

Come November, when Americans across the globe are deciding their next president, it’s important to realize that a single vote does not create change or alter the course of history. The fact is that we decide the future of our nation every day. Allowing racist ideologies to spread, turning a blind eye to the crooked deals on Wall Street, or complacently accepting that Congress is (and has been) in fiscal-deadlock while millions suffer from disease, lead poisoning, and homicide, has created the America we live in and will continue to define our nation more so than any president could.

Before checking off any boxes, I think everyone should take a moment to reflect. What is it that you want for your country? Are truly looking for change at a fundamental level, or are you simply trying to keep a madman (or crooked lady) out of office? If you are voting for the latter reason, just remember that eight years ago, we elected historically elected our first black president in a moment of great national pride. Many people saw it as proof that America was poised to change its rhetoric toward minorities, LGBT rights, and other social agendas, but they failed to realize that nearly half of the country sought the exact opposite (and that opposition showed up at the congressional level!).

America isn’t a bunch of falling leaves able to change course at a moment’s notice; it is two massive freight trains currently split between staunchly separated tracks. The switch of a single lever is an inadequate solution to join our tracks—in all likely hood it will cause divisive collision and disaster. Instead, we need to forge a new path, laying down each stretch of track through the pain of collective hard work and the spirit of compromise.We must dismantle our trains and find the rusted hinges, squeaking wheels and rotted wood, holding us back and hindering our future. This will not happen over night. This will not happen with a single vote. This will not happen from the top down. It is the masses that must come together to lay the rods and hammer the nails. This will not be easy, but it will all be worth it when our train arrives at that city upon a hill.

Sorry for the rambling. These were just some thoughts I had while filling out my absentee ballot this morning.


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