Nara Celebrities

Throughout the year, human tourists travel in droves from across the globe to see us and our temple.

Every day is an endless gauntlet of ugly two-legs shoving food in our faces, stupidly smiling next to us and staring into those flashing blocks they obsessively carry, and generally disturbing our spiritual and peaceful grounds with shrieking sounds from their constantly flapping lips.

If it weren’t for Mashika (魔鹿), the enchanted, stealing the spot light with her shining coat, we would never get a moment to rest our hooves!

A couple explanations…言葉を説明しようと思う

The name “Mashika” is a play on several things. First, “ma”魔 (taken from 魔法) can mean magic, sorcery, witchcraft, etc… (enchanted). Second, the Japanese word for deer is “shika”鹿. So the name could literally be translated to “Magic Deer”. Third, the Japanese expression for “very/pure white” is “masshiro”真っ白. My original intention was to use the name “Masshika” as a combination of 真っ白 and 鹿, but then I figured I’d go with the magical/wonderous 魔 element instead.

Nara is a city in Japan near Osaka (kind of). It is famous for its Park 奈良公園 that is home to thousands of people friendly deer. The animals are free to roam through out the park and Todaiji Temple grounds. Tourists can pay to get deer treats and feed the hungry critters.

This picture and a good introduction to Nara Park is provided by BackpackerLee

Written for week 35 of Sonya’s Three Line Tales. Cover Photo by Rebecca Johnston

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