Typhoon 16

A Grey approaches.

Slowly it slides in silence
Over the pallid water of Biwa.
The sky grows ever darker
As the Grey’s frigid fingers
Steal light and warmth from the day.

The encroaching clouds capture Ibuki,
Devouring the monolithic mountain,
Decimating Shiga’s diverse landscape,
Assimilating it into the monotone mass.

A sudden scream shatters the silence
As it rushes through the open window.
The gale’s ghastly rebel yell
Spurs the pattering advance
Of the Grey’s invading soldiers,
Into a stampeding juggernaut.

Whipping across the land,
They blacken the sky with arrows
That splash against the Earth,
turning day into night.

The Grey has come.


5 thoughts on “Typhoon 16

  1. Hello again. I have nominated you for a Three Day Quote Challenge. You’ll find the information at the end of my post ‘New epoch…’ If you think you would enjoy doing quote posts, please join in–if not, smile and enjoy the mention 🙂

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