Falling Leaves

The final two leaves fly from the mighty oak.
I watch as they fall in looping spirals,
Prancing playfully through Nature’s dance
Of Death and Life: Beauty and Sadness.

And now our tree stands alone,
laid naked, bare, and prone,
Amidst the fading funeral wreath
That remains: a decomposed testament
To its colorful but brief beauty.

The pumpkins that we carved
Are now decayed and deformed.
Our Halloween masks have peeled away,
Revealing truths more terrifying
Than any make-believe spirit.

“Let’s stay in here and hide forever,”
You said, while lost in the maze that night.
But now the corn is reaped and gone,
The weeping stalks left for squawking crows
That pick through our remains.

I notice my breath in the crisp air.
The long, depressing cold is upon us,
Always it threatened to invade our love.
Such beauty and life filled our fall,
Alas, it comes to the bitter end.

You were my Autumn:
An ephemeral joy I let fill my heart.
I loved you with the beauty of those dancing leaves,
Knowing we were dancing to the grave.

Written for this week’s Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers. As with most poems I write, this is far from a finished piece, but I hope you enjoy it! And please feel free to comment with your thoughts and critique!

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