Absurd Aesthetic Ideals

photo by Alex Hockett

“Where the hell is the makeup artist?” The model yelled immediately after the last photo had been taken, “this ink itches like hell!”
He took the numerous gaudy rings off of his fingers so fast his digits nearly ripped off.

As the makeup artist began wiping the fake tattoos from his forearms, the model rasped in  disgust, “As if some one looking like this could get a good enough job to afford these clothes.”

Written for this week’s Three line tales, check it out and read some stories!

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4 thoughts on “Absurd Aesthetic Ideals

    1. Yup. As someone with tattoos (albeit mainly hidden) in a country that avidly rejected them, I’m constantly aware of others scrutiny and avoidance. It’s unfortunate, cause I’d like to think I’m a pretty friendly guy haha

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