The Japanese Frugivore’s Dilemma


His eyes lit up as he spied a discounted carton of cherries from across the produce section of the local supermarket.

Worried about another customer getting there before him, yet conscious of how ridiculous sprinting over some fruit would seem (to other people), he broke into a quick step that could put most Olympic speed-walkers to shame.

With a heart palpitating in anticipation, he picked up the package of five small and badly bruised cherries only to find the “half-priced” tag marked 400 yen.

400 yen is about $3.94 …  for five freaking cherries… 高過ぎる~

Written for this weeks Three Line Tales.

Photo by Inma Ibáñez – here’s a bigger version


15 thoughts on “The Japanese Frugivore’s Dilemma

      1. Not a great climate for cherries, then? Are they all imported? A friend went to New Zealand and told me fruit and veg is scarce and expensive there, that it’s all imported. A sad look out for the future of the kiwi fruit 🙂


      2. Not being a farmer, I can’t say from first hand experience… But it’s similar to the USA in which farmers are given government stipends to grow certain crops which help with profitability

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      3. Ah, yes that has been happening here in the UK I think – farmers even paid to allow fields to go fallow to help the environment. Not sure how tha’s going to work in the future after we lose our European funding. The situation will not improve that’s for sure


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