The Now

Our stepping stone consciousness
Spans the width of our life,
Sifting through the river of Time
Until the steady current
   Wears down our faculties
      And carries us away
         Pebble by pebble. 

The meager attempts of Ego
To slow the flow of the present
And capture each moment of sediment sentiment
Is the vain folly of attachment and desire.

The river has run for an eternity
Before meeting your stepping stone siphon,
And it will continue to flow, forever more,
After your dam is destroyed and forgotten.

We are not a solitary stone dam
Resolutely standing in opposition to Time.
In acting thus, we only obstruct
The peaceful flow around our life. 

We are the sediment, freely flowing,
Following the great Hour-Glass River.
Leave the sedentary dam in the Past
And join the flowing experience of the Current.

Written for Sue Vincent’s thursday Photo Prompt


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