The Light of Life

The bright white light of Life can be too much too look upon with the naked eye. It can blind us, and often does. It relentlessly showers us with harmful UV rays of obligations, hardships, and challenge. So much so that even if we are wearing protective lenses and SPF 1000, we may still get burned. Yet, day by day we must venture out into the world and fend off Life’s piercing beams. As the day drags on, and our sunblock wears out or rubs off from emotional friction, we hope to find the occasional shade of a happenstance encounter with a friend; we apply the highest quality aloe of craft beer; anything to give us strength until we can rest our head and sleep.

But the white light that feels piercing and overwhelming doesn’t have to be fended off as so many of us believe. Do we fear the light of the Sun—which burns us and causes cancer? No. We welcome sunlight and the warmth that it brings. On cold and cloudy mornings we cherish a brief break in the clouds through which the sun can shine. Often, you will see cold commuters raising their head to face the warmth and let that radiation permeate through their skin, filling their body with a hope that only such piercing light can provide—it’s the hope that there is more to the winter than drudgery through half-melted snow, freezing temperatures, and wind that seems to be sent from God to spite you.

In the same way, Life is not a unilaterally abrasive force. Only when we refuse to accept it does it seem that way. Instead of putting up defenses and shielding ourselves from experiencing its full glow, we should be a prism through which the light flows. In doing this we see that Life is much more than the harmful, high frequency rays that routinely penetrate our defenses. It has all the hues of the rainbow, from passionate reds to relaxing yellows and mellow greens. To be sure, the burdensome UV rays of Life are a part of its light, but we must accept them. When we try to remove frequencies from Life’s spectrum, we are left with an incomplete rainbow, and its brilliant white beauty wanes.

During trying times, we often try to shutout the entirety of life, but this is counterproductive. Undoubtedly we succeed in blocking the lower frequencies like friendship, enjoyment, and love—the most beautiful colors of the spectrum—but the high frequencies of stress will always break through. Thus we are left to fight a losing battle with no reinforcing reminder (i.e. the rainbow) of why we are fighting in the first place. We must accept that a day at the beach of Life may leave you burned, but also that the risk is always worth the enjoyment that comes with embracing the warm white light.


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