Thoughts at an English Speech Contest

The voices of young,
from different tongue
transcribed to English,
now is sung.

Their opinion from youth
speaks a truth
That they, too soon,
are bound to lose.

They orate wishful lines
In search of peaceful times.
Although their English differs from mine,
Universal the language of sign they find,
And while their sentiments may not rhyme,
In idealist innocence remains their mind.

Had I an enlightened intellect as they?
Contemplating our world isshokenmede (一所懸命で)?
Did I too pray our Earth would sway
From prostitution, pollution, and battles fray?

Have I missed my childish chance?
Failing to realize as life’s cruel dance
Repeatedly impaled my innocent stance;
Brandishing its sharp dark lance,
Honed by the realities of humanities atrocities.
Now unable to find a path to peaceful possibilities,
Too aware man’s inert monstrosities,
Impossible the thought of peace becomes.
A bright futures bell will not be rung.

The trials of life teach us of the world
And from joyous naivety reality unfurls
Corroding our “childish” utopian thoughts
Assimilating us into dystopian drone-adults.

How happy the man of the cave must have been
Not knowing the horrors of ‘civilized’ men.
Forever in blissful, childish wonder remained:
A state I desperately wish to experience again.


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