Gentle Breeze

Gentle breeze stoking the flames of a cigarette,
Turn into raging fires in the West.
Mother Nature has taken up smoking,
Giving into the peer pressure of gas-guzzling and deforestation.

The most powerful and cognizant beings in history,
Yet, as the winds become fiercer and the waves higher,
We turn a cold shoulder to the warming world.

To self-absorbed to face the facts,
Toward our future we trod on
Like stubborn mules,
Refusing to change,
While hoping nature will.

Instead of taking action,
We watch and wait as a beautiful utopia
Slowly slips into a burning hell.
Instead of a solution,
We point fingers of accusation
For something that’s everyones fault.

And in the chaos of blame that will inevitably ensue,
The bombs will awake from their silent chambers,
Taking flight, to bring further destruction and woe.

In accord with our technological age fetish
For instant gratification,
It only makes sense for the end to be the same.
Why wait for the world to bring our end,
When we’ve spent centuries mastering
How to do it ourselves?

A flash of light.
A tunnel and a paradise.
Three steps to abandon our ruined world.

While all it takes is one act of kindness,
And the past can be erased.
Views can be changed.
A new trend can be made.

A butterfly in the East
Can start a tsunami in the West.
And a seemingly insignificant button
Never pushed can save the world.


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