Life Long Friends

Hello, my tattered travelled friend,
It seems your quest is at its end.
Through treacherous seas your odyssey
Inevitably ends with me.

The vigor of youth has left your bones,
Your aching muscles have lost their tone.
For many years you’ve struggle and strained
Through the pain of battles fought in vain.

Hush now, my withered weary friend.
The time to resist is at an end.
There is, no more, a need to fight.
Let down your guard and enter my night.

For years you’ve clung to the ledge of Life
In fear of falling upon my knife,
But now you are free to relax and see
It was only a friend you feared in me.

It’s alright to be timid, my tired friend,
But rest assured, Life will not end.
Listen and hear your final note glisten
In the eternal symphony countinously written.

Indeed, your Earthly tenure is through.
The daily toil won’t begin anew.
So long you’ve pushed that burdensome boulder,
Rest now, my child, on Death’s soft shoulder.

Let us meet this eve as life long friends,
With open arms embrace your end.
I’ve watched over you through day and night,
Since birth you’ve been under my guiding light.

So let go the past and be at peace.
Let go your Loved, for theirs won’t cease.
Let go Life’s ledge and take my hand,
You needn’t traverse that trail again.

This poem will appear at the end of a short story I’m currently working on. It was written in contemplation of the misguided fear of death that most of humanity (me included) holds. I like to imagine death as a friend you meet on the shores of some distant beach where he will guide you to the next phase of existence. Hopefully these things will be better explained in the short story (if not, I’ve got some major revisions ahead). Stay tuned!



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