Are You Afraid of the Dark?

To those who fight the monsters
That lurk beneath the bed.
Who feign the fear of what they hear
In dark, they dare to tread.

They brave the creaking floorboards,
the attics full of bats.
Descend the flight of dim-lit stairs,
To dank dark dens of rats.

They know our fear of what lurks near
Lay not within the closet.
That ghosts and ghouls are meant to fool
And distract from fear that’s honest.
That, that which haunts us in the night,
Wields our myriad monsters might,
And personifies out inner frights
Which darkness brings to light.

We fear the things beneath the bed,
Those memories we’ve left unsaid,
The feelings that were pushed away
At night those demons come to play.

So inspect the closet, bed, and corner
For a pair of red eyes, horns, or
Any other apparition
Of your souls inhibitions.

To you who lie awake at night
Entrenched against your monsters might:
Despite this fight may seem alone,
Of greater need, no war is known.

So hone your light and fear no more.
Face down your Dark and open the door.


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